3 Online Services For Addiction Counseling

3 Online Services For Addiction Counseling

If you’ve struggled with addiction in the past or are still currently suffering, you know that asking for help can often be the most difficult part. However, with new online counseling services, making that crucial step is now easier than ever. Let’s take a look at some of the primary reasons to seek out online addiction counseling, as well as some of the most recommended services currently available.

Addiction Counseling


What is Addiction Counseling?

Addiction Counseling is a professional service you can consult with when going through addiction. While the help of friends or acquaintances can be invaluable in your road to recovery, a professional addiction counselor is often  the best placed to assist you due to their expertise and access to resources. 

With that being said, the type of addiction counselor you seek out may depend on your condition. For example, there may be different specialists depending on whether you are struggling with addiction to illicit substances rather than addiction to eating or food. With that being said, let’s look at some of the primary reasons to seek out an addiction counselor.

3 Reasons To Seek Addiction Counseling Online

Making that first step is always difficult. However, if you can find it in yourself to reach out for help, there are plenty of benefits that come with addiction counseling online. [1] 

1) Comfort Zone 

One of the best things about any online service is the ability to pursue it from home. This is especially true for something as sensitive as addiction counseling. Being able to engage with a specialist from the comfort of your own home may increase your odds of attending sessions, which in turn opens the door to additional help. 

2) Professional Guidance

As mentioned above, a professional addiction specialist has access to more experience and resources than most if not all of the contacts in our life. While it may seem scary to open up about your addiction history to a stranger, this experience can be cathartic and help you in your public life with friends as well as you navigate a new lifestyle away from your past addictions. 

Some examples of how professional guidance can help your recovery: individualized plans: therapeutic alternatives, replace prevention plans, etc. They are also trained to help spot other illnesses, both physical and mental, that may be contributing to your substance issues. 

3) Team Support

Battling substance abuse is often hardest to do on your own. Getting a trained addiction specialist on your side  adds to your team. These trained counselors can often be present or offer solutions that even the most dedicated or present friend or family member cannot. This can be an invaluable resources for you moving forward. 

3 Online Addiction Counseling Services 

There are many online addictions counseling services. Here are just a few to consider as you begin your search: 

1) Online-Therapy.com 

Online-therapy.com is definitely one of the leaders in the space. Not only do they offer addiction counseling, but also an entire suite of counseling solutions. [2]

Specifically, they have 3 addiction counseling options, with the lowest priced starting at roughly 30$ / week. You also have the option to customize your plan with worksheets, text chats, messaging and more. 

2) MD Live

Like online-therapy.com, MD Live offers a range of online telehealth medical services, including addiction counseling. You can even download their mobile app to get started. [3]

Starting at over 100$ per session, MD Live is a bit more expensive. However, they do have over 1,000 counselors on staff, ensuring that you will have access to help whenever you need it. Sessions are available both over the phone or through video chat. 

3) Larkr

Larkr is one of the newer players on the scene for telehealth online counseling. You can also get started by downloading their mobile app. 

At 85$ per session or a monthly plan at roughly 170$, you will have multiple options to choose from. All of this is available through  video chats. Their counselors are available 24/7, which is great as you never know when you will need a session. 


As you can see, there are many options available to seek addiction counseling online. The key is finding the right resource that fits your needs. We always recommend doing research before making your final decision. This way, you can be sure that you’ve set yourself up for success on your road to recovery! 


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