5 Companies Offering High-Speed Internet At Very Low Prices!

5 Companies Offering High-Speed Internet At Very Low Prices!

In the digital world, we all know how important it is to have an internet provider you can trust. Good internet determines whether you have the information you need to succeed, speeds up daily tasks, and ensures you are always connected to the world. However, good internet access can also be expensive. So how do you find business internet rates that work for you? We’ve done extensive research into the topic, and found some high-speed internet plans that could work for you.

How To Find Fast Internet At Low Prices

So why do you need to research internet plans in detail? There are a few reasons, but the biggest is price. Dedicated internet line costs can be steep, especially if you need to use them for as much as the typical small business needs them for.


Many internet rates also have hidden rates beyond the monthly price they put on the tag. Things like data caps and speed limits set after a certain amount of use can stop you from using the internet if you’ve chosen an option that initially seemed cheaper. That’s why it’s so important to really know what you’re getting into. Between that and ensuring you’re getting the highest possible speed for the least possible amount of money, it’s vital that you really know what you’re talking about before you invest your hard-earned cash into dedicated internet access.

But we’ve given you a great starting point. Below are some of the cheapest internet providers around, and just what makes each of them attractive.

1) RCN Internet

RCN Internet has risen to prominence as a leading provider of internet plans, digital TV, and phone services. Their internet services are ideal for internet home networking, streaming, watching TV online, and Wi-Fi and are currently available in Boston, Chicago, Lehigh Valley, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. Their internet speed can reach up to 155 Mbps. RCN Internet provides customers with equipment such as modems, a Wi-Fi gateway, and a Wi-Fi router. Customers can also purchase annual security subscriptions, such as McAfee Internet Security and RCN’s Service Protection Plan.

2) Optimum Internet

Five states are covered by Optimum by Altice’s internet service, with New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut have the best coverage. According to coverage area, Optimum by Altice is the fourth largest residential cable provider in the United States, offering cable internet to an estimated 11.9 million customers.

Cable and fiber internet services are both available through Optimum by Altice in addition to cable broadband. It is the fourth-largest provider of cable broadband in the United States by coverage area, with approximately 11.9 million people having access to its service. By coverage area, its 1.7 million customers rank it as the ninth-largest provider of Fiber broadband in the United States.

You are free to select the internet speed, TV package, and data plan that you desire. No contracts are necessary with Optimum, and if you’re not happy, you can get a refund within 60 days.

3) Xfinity Internet

Comcast, based in Philadelphia, first used the name Xfinity for its internet, TV, and phone services in 2010.

Along with Washington, D.C., Xfinity Internet is accessible in 39 states, and in many areas, it is the only high-speed service that is offered at a specific address. The majority of its service area is covered by Xfinity, which offers connectivity using the same type of coaxial cable that it has long used for TV service. This technology enables quick downloads but noticeably slower uploads.

A small number of Xfinity customers have access to fiber optic cable service with download speeds that are equal to upload speeds. In the majority of its service areas, Xfinity sets a monthly data cap of 1.2 terabytes.

4) Cox Internet

High-speed internet service is one of the many services offered by Cox Communications, broadband communications, and entertainment companies. Customers of Cox can also sign up for services like home phone, security, automation, and digital video. Cox currently provides services to more than six million homes and businesses across 19 states, making it the largest private telecom provider in the country.


Cox provides fiber optic internet to customers in a few locations, despite the fact that cable internet is its primary service. The “Metro Fiber” that the internet service provider refers to is currently installed for 30,000 miles.

5) Mediacom Internet

If fiber is not available where you live and DSL is simply too slow, Mediacom cable internet has the speed you require. Four simple plans from Mediacom are available, but they all have contracts that can last up to three years. Additionally, each plan has a different data cap, though the limits on the faster plans might not be noticeable.


Of course, when making personal financial decisions or business decisions, it’s always important to do your own research. Take your time, shop around, and make sure that the small business high-speed internet you ultimately end up choosing works for you. But these options are a great starting point for learning about the best-dedicated internet access pricing out there. With these tools by your side, you’ll have the resources to make your business bigger and better than ever for less.


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