5 FREE Senior-Friendly Games to Play Online

5 FREE Senior-Friendly Games to Play Online

Keeping the mind active during the day is vital for seniors. Like a muscle, the brain needs to be exercised to ensure that it’s functioning at maximum capacity. As we age, playing different kinds of games can help improve mood, sense of well-being and contribute to better physical health. Plus they can be fun! Let’s dive into some of the best games currently available online.

Why do seniors play games online?

Before looking at some of the top available games, let’s refresh on some of the reasons WHY it’s important to play some of these online games. There are a number of reasons seniors may be interested in exploring online games:

  1. Availability: with new technology and a range of platforms, it’s never been easier for seniors to access fun and exciting games. As many seniors transition into retirement, this provides some time to fill the day

2. Social Life: As many of the online games are done with friends, they can be a great way to stay in contact with old friends or even meet new ones!

3. Staying Sharp: As mentioned earlier, one of the best things about online games is that they can provide some mental stimulation to keep the brain sharp. The key is finding games that are both challenging and enjoyable!

5 Free Online Games for Seniors

When you’re having fun there’s no room for fear, worry or loneliness. The fun sweeps them all away in the process and makes you healthier and happier. If you like spending time with your loved ones playing games,  here are the top 5 free online games for seniors.

1) Candy Crush

Candy crush is a simple yet addictive improvised puzzle game. The goal is to merge three or more candies. It is played by millions of people every day. The trick of the game is that you have limited moves and time to complete a level with so many levels existing. This enables your brain to notice the patterns eventually and build on those patterns.

2) Scrabble

One of the best and classic games for seniors. The word-based game is tasked with coming up with unique words. Games such as Scrabble are excellent for increasing brainpower. You can play this game with just two players or more. It can also be a great way to improve your vocabulary. If you have eyesight problems, make sure to get an extensive letter for this game. The points value of letters is based on their frequency. 

3) Mahjong

Just like Scrabble, Mahjong is a tiled game. Traditionally played with a set of 144 tiles and four players, it originated from Chinese culture. Seniors use to roll dice to determine the moves. The game requires tactics, observation and memory strategies.  There are different kinds of mahjong to play based on different levels of mahjong. The game improves cognitive ability and helps seniors with dementia. This game is playable on desktop, tablet and mobile.

4) Checkers

This is a classic game that can be played online. It is a great game for the elderly because it requires less strategic thinking. Still, players must think ahead with their opponent’s next move. You may choose from various levels of difficulty.

5) Chess

This game is one of the most widely played games not only for seniors, but for everyone as well. It is known to be a strategy game that works on improving creativity and brain stimulation. This game can be downloaded into your device or can be played online where you can choose your opponents worldwide or play against a computer bot.


While we are looking for many ways to be entertained and to have fun activities nowadays, make sure you can have fun and connect with others. There are a lot of free online games out there that you can try, it can make you stay active mentally is as important as being active physically. Some games can be downloaded on your desktop, mobile or tablet. You can bring it anywhere you go and you can play with your friends and loved ones. So, go online and have some fun!


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