5 Ways You Can Find Inspiration Every Day

5 Ways You Can Find Inspiration Every Day

Sometimes, it’s hard to know how to be inspired. We all want to feel like we’re really engaging with the world around us. But it’s so easy to get ground down and not notice the things we love. If you’re there right now, we have some tips to find the things that inspire you again. Take a look.


    1. Give Yourself Space

If you feel like your head’s too stuffed for you to remember how to be inspired, that’s because it probably is. In our busy world, we don’t have much space for mulling things over. So give yourself some. Switch off your phone for a while. Seek out boredom. The shower is one example of a great place to do this. Luc, a 34-year-old associate editorial director in a video game development and publishing company, can confirm this. With an extra space on the wall of his bathroom, he’s all set up for when inspiration strikes. He says, “I drove two nails in and put a pencil on [the space] to write down whatever comes to mind, from to-do lists to little flashes of inspiration”. Giving yourself space like this is the perfect way to learn how to get inspired.

    1. Explore Nature

These days, most of us live in cities. And that crowded, chaotic, cluttered urban life we share can contribute to feeling overwhelmed. It’s not just the conditions of our lives that make us feel too busy to access things that inspire people. It’s also the location of our lives. So leave it behind for a while. Go out into the forest, the park or to the seaside. For best results, pair your time in the outdoors with some exercise. A 2012 study on the benefits of nature found that four days spent in nature increases creativity and problem-solving abilities. In 2013, scientists found that walking in a green space for as little as 25 minutes boosts how your brain functions. If you’re trying to learn how to be inspired again, you can’t do much better than getting out in the fresh air.

    1. Learn Something New

When you’re struggling to find things that inspire you, it often comes from a very simple problem. Inspiration is often tied to excitement, joy and novelty. You need to come across something new if you want to know how to be inspired, something that will truly excite you and get you fired up. But the daily grind can all too easily trap you into seeing, doing and thinking about the same things over and over again. If you want to find inspiring things, you have to find new things. Read a book or watch a documentary about something you know nothing about. Take a class in a skill you’d be interested in learning. Attend a lecture, or watch a TED talk. Whatever you do, you’re sure to come out with new ideas and interests in your head. 

    1. Take in Some Art

If you want to learn how to be inspired, it makes sense to learn from the best. Artists and creators spend their lives chasing the best and most original ideas, and then find the most beautiful ways to communicate them to others. Inspiring things are also often beautiful things. If you want to think differently about something, or feel refreshed and better able to think, art is a great way to do that. It doesn’t have to be the great works or masterpieces either. For best results, focus on the art forms you love most. Every art form has something to offer. Whether it’s TV, movies, music, video games, podcasts, books, YouTube videos, paintings, sculptures or anything else, art is bound to get your head going again. 

  1. Make Your Social Media Inspiring

This is one that’s easy to ignore. So often, we take our social media feeds for granted. It’s easy to just scroll through what you followed five years ago or what the algorithm gives you, even when it’s not right for you. Social media, if you’re not careful with it, can all too easily drag you down. But you can change your online life to show you things that inspire you. Follow accounts that post lots of inspirational quotes. Unfollow people who post things that drag you down. Make sure you’re following tags and accounts full of things that genuinely interest you. This way, you can make your social media use intentional. Instead of logging on to mindlessly scroll, you’ll use your downtime on social media to look at truly inspiring things.

Figuring out how to be inspired, and finding things that inspire people, can be tough. But with these tips, you can refresh your brain and find new things to be creative and excited about. Explore these ideas, and start finding new ideas of your own. 


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