The 5 Fitness Influencers Who’ll Inspire You

The 5 Fitness Influencers Who’ll Inspire You

We all want to get fit and stay healthy. But with all the effort that takes and in a world filled with temptations, that can seem tough. What we need are consistent reminders, role models, people we see every day who embody the person we want to be. We need people to inspire us and encourage us in our goals. Following fitness influencers is a great way to do just that. They’ll provide helpful tips, reminders and inspiration for what could happen if you manage to stay on track. Here are some of the best fitness influencers out there to follow.

1) Luke Worthington

Over at @lukewtraining, Luke Worthington provides fitness inspiration for followers all over the world. As a former athlete in rugby, a qualified sports scientist, a personal trainer, a sports massage therapist and a nutritionist, there’s not much he doesn’t know about the secrets of the human body. Alongside his influencing platform, he consults with Nike, provides private personal training to elite athletes, models and A-list celebrities. According to him, some of the most important aspects of a fitness program are muscular strength, work capacity, that is to say, aerobic fitness, mobility and motor control, body composition and emotional wellbeing. He strives to create ‘a sustainable nutritional plan that both supports the goals but also fits into a long term lifestyle’. He’s clearly one of the best fitness YouTubers out there.

2) Tally Rye

At over 88,000 followers, it’s clear that Tally Rye has tons to offer the fitness enthusiasts out there. As a bodybuilding trainer, London’s fitness influencers can’t get much more influential than her. She trains one-to-one classes, runs group spin classes, runs retreats, co-hosts the Fit and Fearless podcast and of course provides plenty of tips, tricks and inspiration on her Instagram. She promotes exercise in a way separate from fitness approaches that emphasise aesthetics. Instead, she’s a huge advocate for intuitive eating and exercising for other physical and mental benefits. She wants to promote a version of fitness that focuses on joyfully moving your body.

3) Laura Hoggins

Another bodybuilding trainer in London, Laura Hoggins offers expertise and inspiration galore. Over at the Instagram @laurabiceps, she provides training tips to almost 25,000 followers. Proving that fit doesn’t have to mean thin and dainty, she shows just what’s possible for women who want to get into strength training. Her book Lift Yourself attests to her long-term expertise in bodybuilding and fitness. After a long period trying to achieve an ideal of slimness, she eventually joined a CrossFit class where she found community, role models, and the strength she’s known for today. She says about weightlifting, ‘When you’re doing it, you’re just thinking about that next rep because you’re so focused on technique and breath. You’re in the zone. Then, once you’ve completed a set, there’s an amazing sense of achievement and physical power’. It’s clear that she values fitness as an avenue to authenticity and embracing your true self.

4) Jordan Syatt

As one of the most experienced trainers in the fitness industry, Jordan offers encouraging, no-fluff fitness advice for almost 600,000 followers. With a close focus on fat loss, mass gain and athletic performance, he applies his Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Behavior Science to content that lays out in simple steps exactly what you need to do to get fit. In his own words, the most important parts of fitness and heath are, “eat a colorful diet with lots of green, leafy veggies and lean protein, stay hydrated and get out of the ‘all or nothing’ mindset”. For him, fitness is a process, not a single-step goal.

5) Rich Tidmarsh

At the account @richtidmarsh, this fitness guru broadcasts advice and inspiration for almost 18,000 followers. He’s one of the best fitness YouTubers and influencers out there. Delivering over 10,000 one-to-one sessions over the course of his career, working with rugby players on the English national team, UFC fighters, the Great Britain volleyball and more, he knows his stuff when it comes to training the best. “Movement and posture are absolutely key to performance,” he says. Before starting specialised exercises, he believes that you should be sure to get the form exactly right. 

It isn’t always easy to do what you need to do to reach your fitness goals. But with these experts’ tips, tricks and great examples flowing through your feed, you’ll find it so much easier to exercise. The best of the best fitness YouTubers will always have something to offer you, whether you’re a professional athlete or doing your first ever Couch to 5K. Get going to their pages now, and learn how to shape your body how you want.


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