The 5 Messaging Apps Guaranteed to Keep Your Data Safe

The 5 Messaging Apps Guaranteed to Keep Your Data Safe

Our data is out of our control. Everywhere, the companies that run websites and apps harvest information about us. It can be scary to think about all this information that’s out there about us. But there are ways to use the internet without being vulnerable to it. These messaging apps encrypt your data and your words, making them permanently safe from hackers. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones out there. 


1. Signal Private Messenger

This well-known secure messaging app is one of the most famous apps for privacy out there. Endorsed by Edward Snowden himself, this app is perfect for only sharing data with those you want to share it with. It features secure end-to-end encryption for all Signal users. Messages can be set to self-destruct after a certain amount of time. Encrypted voice calls, group chats and archive functionality are also available on the app. Signal was downloaded over 246,000 times before WhatsApp’s latest changes, and over 8.8 million times in the week after the changes alone. Crucially, Signal messages are never stored on the cloud – they stay on your device, and your device alone. Among secret messaging apps, it’s clearly one of the best. Available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux, it’s completely free, and all it collects is your phone number. 

2. Telegram

This secure messaging app is one of the more unconventional out there, but it offers lots of extra features as well as increased security. Connecting users across a unique network of data centers, it ensures that no third party will ever have access to your data. Like Signal, it offers the ability to self-destruct messages and requires no subscription fees or mandatory advertising. But its minimalistic interface makes it easier to use for those new to secret texting apps. It also offers the ability to self-destruct your account, the ability to sync your messages across different devices, the ability to send media files and documents of any type and the ability to set up bots for many different tasks. It’s available on Android and iOS, and collects your name, phone number, contacts and user ID.

3. Wickr Me – Private Messenger

Wickr Me is one of many great choices out of the secret messaging apps out there. Advanced, vetted end-to-end encryption is offered for every last one of its users. Private messages, photos, videos, and voice messages can all be sent through Wickr Me, and all can be set to self-destruct. The ‘Expiration Timer’ setting allows you to even set a specific time for self-destruction of specific messages. Uniquely, it requires no phone number or email to have you as a user. While it does ask for an email and phone number on registration, along with a username and password, your email and phone number are stored via cryptographic mashing. Wickr Me never has direct access to your actual email and phone number. It’s entirely free, with absolutely no ads, and stores absolutely no user metadata. The only data it collects is users’ phone numbers, product interaction, crash data and other diagnostic data.

4. Silence

There are tons of secret messaging apps out there. But Silence is a unique secure messaging app. Unlike the others on the market, it functions both online and offline. That means it’s less like WhatsApp and more like traditional SMS messaging. It can be used no matter where you find yourself. Another unique feature it offers is the ability to message someone else whether or not they have the app as well. If you’re messaging another Silence user, it offers Axolotl encryption protection to ensure you both have end-to-end encryption. It requires absolutely no login credentials, and the app is free and open-source. Available on Android, it’s a private messaging app for anyone who’s just starting to explore the world of secret texting apps. 

5. Dust

Formerly known as Cyber-Dust, this secure messaging app offers a number of features attractive to any user. Dust messages are never stored in any permanent kind of storage. Conversations can be set to erase immediately after the user reads them. With the ability to screenshot messages disabled, this truly guarantees your security. It’s completely free to download, and available for Android and iOS. Uniquely among secret messaging apps, Dust also acts as a social media platform. It allows you to follow other people, and send links, videos, stickers and more.


It can be scary to think about how much information messaging apps have about us, and where they’re sending that information to. We don’t always know what social media providers and app creators will do with our data. But with these secret messaging apps in your pocket, you’ll be able to always keep your data secure. Try them out for yourself, and see just how effective and empowering they are. 


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