The 5 Most Unmissable Things in Godzilla Vs Kong

The 5 Most Unmissable Things in Godzilla Vs Kong

If you’re excited about the upcoming cinematic clash between King Kong and Godzilla, you’re not alone. This movie has gotten both pop culture fans and movie critics intrigued, and it looks set to be one of the biggest cinematic events of 2021.

Godzilla fighting Mothra

As a big blockbuster release in a year where the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone to television and there isn’t much on the ground for other franchises, this is particularly fascinating for all of us. But you may not know everything there is to know the Godzilla Vs Kong movie. Here’s what the most exciting things are about this movie.

1) Godzilla Has Changed

If you’re familiar with the latest set of movies featuring these legendary monsters, you’ll know that Godzilla has always been the good guy. But that’s no longer the case. Unlike the ecological protector of previous films, what we know about Godzilla in this film is that he’s suddenly started rampaging across the planet. Producer Alex Garcia says, “When we first meet [the main character], she is actively trying to figure out why Godzilla is acting the way he’s acting. We establish early on in the film that Godzilla’s on a hunt, he’s on a mission. We don’t quite know what it is, that continues during the film. And Madison tries to uncover what that is.” There’s no established good guy or bad guy yet, just two monsters battling it out, and that makes this movie more exciting than ever.

2) Deepening the MonsterVerse

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, each of these monster-focused films can stand on their own, but build into a larger universe. According to Alex Garcia, “It’s been important to us that there is a bedrock of mythology that is true to the films as the timelines of the films become more complicated.” While the crew and cast want the Godzilla Vs Kong movie to be entertaining, like all the others in the Monsterverse, they also want to build on and enrich the lore of the universe. The aim is to balance exciting, deep worldbuilding with an entertaining, exciting experience. As Garcia says, “we want [the movies] to also, to have it feel to an audience that if you’re going to truly escape into something, you want it to be grounded and real and to have real thought gone into it.”

3) Kong’s Story Is A Gut-Puncher

While a big part of this movie is watching monsters punch each other, that’s not all that’s on offer in the Monsterverse. Just as much as the human characters, this movie wants you to engage with Kong and Godzilla as characters. “The most appealing thing to me,” says director Adam Wingard, “is being able to empathise with these 300-foot monsters and have the characters do the same”. While we won’t spoil too much, King Kong’s story in this movie is a continuation of the last in the series in a highly interesting way. Exploring his backstory and the story of his species, it promises to be gripping and fascinating. 

4) A Futuristic Setting

One of the most intriguing things about the Godzilla Vs Kong movie is, surprisingly, the setting. Rather than choosing the present day, the cast and crew have set the movie just slightly in the future from where we are. The result is a visually distinct, neon-colored playground for the monsters to rampage through. Hong Kong was chosen as a setting in part to get across that futuristic feel. But it was also chosen to give the setting some grounding in the real world. With, “a very futuristic look already as a baseline”, combined with, “crazy stylized elements,” this setting stands head and shoulders above others. It’ll make the movie stand out, and provide a fascinating world to get lost in.

5) Multiple Showdowns Between Godzilla and Kong

Not only is there a single, climactic fight between Kong and Godzilla, but there’s another clash between the monsters earlier in the film. Alex Garcia says, “The idea of Kong on an aircraft carrier with Godzilla, circling like Jaws and the two of them – Kong in as adverse an environment as you could find him – contending with this thing for the first time…to us was a really exciting idea”. To challenge both characters and really push them out of their comfort zone, there will be multiple fight scenes in the Godzilla Vs Kong movie. 

As you can see, this movie is second to none when it comes to entertainment. Since it was released in the US on March 31st, it’s offering tons of bang for your buck. Check it out now, and enjoy all the fight scenes, spectacle and excitement.


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