The 5 Plantfluencers Shaking Up Instagram

The 5 Plantfluencers Shaking Up Instagram

If you love your plants, you won’t want to love them alone. We all need community and inspiration for the things we love most. Gardening influencers on Instagram are transforming how we view plants and gardening. It’s a whole world waiting for you to dive into. Let’s take a look at the five most influential Instagram gardeners on the platform. 


    1. houseplantclub

This account boasts over a million followers on Instagram, and a quick glance at its content tells you why. Morgan Doane and Erin Harding, its creators, have racked up post after post of their incredible, luscious plants. They’ve developed their following from a crowd to a real community. Check out the hashtag #houseplantclub to see people’s plants from all over the world. These Instagram gardeners have even published a book, a guide to plants and gardening called How to Raise a Plant and Make It Love You Back

    1. houseplantjournal

When it comes to the best Instagram gardening accounts, Darryl Cheng’s @houseplantjournal stands head and shoulders above the rest. Based in Canada, Cheng shares eye-catching photos of his plants. He focuses closely on how to make plants thrive in a small living space as well as monstera plants, so if either of those are your thing, he’s not to be missed. Large leaves and white walls abound in this fascinating feed. But pretty photos aren’t all that Cheng produces for plant enthusiasts. Across Tumblr, YouTube and his own blog, he provides generalised and personal advice about plant care. If you’re really dedicated, you can also enroll in his course, ‘Essentials of Houseplant Enjoyment’.

    1. hiltoncarter

Instagram gardeners love showing off their skills. This US dad is no different. He’s gained over 300,000 followers from sharing content of him and his plants. One of the original gardening influencers on Instagram, he started out sharing his collection of over 300 plants from his Baltimore apartment and just never stopped. He’s written two books on the topic, Wild at Home and Wild Interiors, and over at Apartment Therapy, he advises on home design solutions and how to care for the living things in your home. But that’s not all. In his other profession as an artist, he sells sculptures and other art items built around the beauty of plants. As Carter himself says, “I love those photographs you see of old, abandoned buildings with greenery everywhere, and there’s even a tree growing through the middle. I want to live in that space. It’s exciting—you don’t know if you’re inside or outside, but you’re home.”

    1. jamiesjungle

Gardening influencers on Instagram lean hard on images of beautiful, minimalistic homes filled with lush plant life. Jamie Song, a UK blogger with over 200,000 followers, follows suit with his plentiful photos of lots of different plants. From his spacious, modern London home, he documents the growth of his plants as well as his two adorable cats. His most famous plants include a neon pothos with heart-shaped leaves that creeps over his mantlepiece and a huge Chinese money plant. It looks impressive, but Song stays modest, stating that, “For me, a lot of it is trial and error”. He’s gone from regular battles with mealy worms to worldwide success and living in a dangling, creeping, flourishing urban jungle. Since a trip to tropical Bali in his mid-20s, he’s a self-described plant obsessive, and now, he’s sharing that obsession with the world. 

  1. @dabito

The best Instagram gardening accounts out there are ones that focus on plants you can grow yourself. It’s lovely to see gorgeous pictures of lush, exotic leaves, but if you can’t cultivate them for yourself, it’s going to stay just pictures. But designer and artist Dabito of the website Old Brand New feels differently. His feed is full of inspiration for aspiring Instagram gardeners, but all his plants are accessible for the average plant enthusiast. They’re small, portable, and often common houseplant breeds. He also pairs his plants with fascinating innovations in home design, giving you inspiration on two different levels. With his bright, funky patterns across his furniture and fascinating plants, he’s one of the best Instagram gardening accounts available. His feed, like his plants, always stay fresh, and he’s ideal if you’re looking for Instagram gardeners to follow. 

Instagram gardeners crave inspiration and advice for cultivating their plants. These plantfluencers are a great way to get tips for cultivating your own houseplants and to enjoy the look of those lush leaves and flowers. Best of all, all of these people started out as ordinary plants enthusiasts, so they know what it’s like to struggle with making plants as beautiful as you know they can be. Soak up the aesthetics, but also take their tips on for your own gardening. Take a look at their accounts now, and start growing your home plant collection beyond your wildest dreams. 


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