The 5 Podcasts About Women in Science That Will Inspire You

The 5 Podcasts About Women in Science That Will Inspire You

We all want to know we can reach for the stars. But for some of us, life has put barriers in our way of reaching our dreams. It can be hard to be a woman who dreams of a career in science. With few role models or mentors who look like you, how can you imagine yourself standing shoulder to shoulder with the greats?


That’s the problem these popular podcasts set out to solve. Episode by episode, these funny, fabulous and fierce women in STEM will show you that you can blaze a path anywhere you choose to go. Let’s take a look at just why these are some of the best podcasts for women out there. 

    1. Beyond the Microscope

Lindsay Claiborn and Mumu Xu are best friends, scientists and hosts of this incredible podcast. Together, they shed light on the work of women across science, technology, innovation and business, highlighting all the vital innovations being created by women. Anthropology, health law, paleontology and planetary science are just some of the fascinating subjects covered by this podcast. Alongside the science, the hosts also discuss everything from books, movies and questions sent in by fans. In their own words, “We started the podcast to give a platform for women in STEM fields. We noticed that most if not all well-known science communicators were men, and wanted to have a way to showcase the amazing work that women do as well.”

    1. The Lady Science

Originally a magazine, this trailblazing publication has recently expanded its mission to include a popular podcast. It looks closely at the institutional barriers that prevent women in STEM from excelling, providing close, critical investigations and challenging universities and companies to do better than before. As well as this, it looks at current events relating to women in STEM, as well as how women are represented in pop culture. Hosts Anna Reser, Leila McNeill, and Rebecca Ortenberg strive to provide a mix of investigative journalism, inspiration and entertainment. If you really want to understand how to make science more feminist, this is the podcast for you. 

    1. Talk Nerdy

Award-winning journalist and author Cara Santa Maria uses this podcast to prove just how cool nerdiness can be. Across tons of episodes, she invites scientists and thinkers to share insights on the newest developments across STEM. This is one of the most popular podcasts out there that focuses on science, and it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for role models, this is a great way to get introduced to the current superstars of your field. As you can see, this is one of the best podcasts for women out there. 

    1. Femmes of STEM

Now this is a standout podcast when it comes to women in science. Instead of focusing on current developments in science, host Michelle Barboza-Ramirez explores the history behind women in science, tracing their lives far back into the past to celebrate previously ignored contributions women have made to science. “As an avid podcast listener, my first thought was to look for a podcast covering this very topic, but there was none – so I decided to make it myself!”, she says. Like the women she covers, she went out and pursued her dream for herself. As Michelle herself has a science background, studying vertebrate paleontology, she provides great insights into just how influential these historical scientists were. 

  1. Superwomen in Science

Inspired by the film Hidden Figures and the book Women in Science: 50 Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World, podcast hosts Cordon Purcell and Nicole George set out to shine a spotlight on women in science. In their own words, “We want our podcast to raise and support the voices of other women scientists, by highlighting a wide variety of scientific endeavors with personal stories of motivation and experiences in science. We hope the Superwomen in Science podcast will provide motivation for young women entering scientific fields, and create a supportive community for current lady scientists.” This is one of the best podcasts for women out there precisely because they achieve everything they set out to do. In every episode, they tell stories of historical female scientists, discuss current issues for women in science and share a specific career opportunity for women in science. 

As you can see, these feminist podcasts are perfect for when you need just that bit more rocket fuel to achieve your dreams. These aren’t just good podcasts for women – they’re great. When the amazing female scientists of the future look back on their inspirations, they’ll count these podcasts among them. And we hope that you’re one of them. 


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