The 5 Smart Products That Can Free Up Your Time Immediately

The 5 Smart Products That Can Free Up Your Time Immediately

It can be hard to find free time these days. We’re all caught up in constant busyness, and we barely even have time to catch our breath. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to save time. The increasing market of smart home devices is the perfect way to do that. They’ll do things for you, freeing up your time and brain to do the things that matter to you.


Here’s some of the best devices out there!

    1. Tire Tags

These aren’t the most well-known smart home devices out there, but they’re extremely useful. First developed as separate devices known as Radio Frequency Identification Tags, they’ve now started to be embedded into some new car models. They can still be bought as separate devices, though. These tire tags are useful because they automatically collect tons of data on things that are easy to forget. Among other things, they tell you about where the tire is on its lifespan, the amount of wear and tear it has and the serial number of that particular tire model. This means that you won’t have to check your tire. When the time comes to replace it, it’ll tell you. 

    1. Smart Plugs

When you think of home automation, you probably think of Alexa or Google Echo. These devices are the flashiest part of smart home technology, but they’re not the only possibility for optimizing your home. 

Take smart plugs as an example. You probably don’t think much about your plugs, but if you find the right ones, they can do tons for you. Smart plugs can be controlled by apps for Android and iOS, or can be linked into smart speakers. These smart plugs can monitor your energy usage. Instead of having to constantly check if your devices are left on standby, a smart plug can remind you. This ensures you don’t overcharge your devices. They can ensure that you have full control over outlets that are difficult to reach, meaning you’ll never have to shove the couch aside to turn them on or off again. You can even automate your coffeemaker turning on in the morning, meaning that cup of joe will be ready right on time for you. It’s also an easy way to make your home greener and even save some money on electricity bills.

    1. Smart Thermostats

Smart home technology can be applied anywhere in your home you want to. A great example of this are smart thermostats. Like smart plugs, they can be controlled remotely via an app or speaker system. They can be used to turn your heating on at specific times, check how warm or cold your house is at any time, and even specify heating settings for specific rooms. This can help you save energy at your convenience. Depending on the model you get, the temperature of your house can be taken across various points, not just where the thermostat is. The Ecobee thermostat is particularly great for this, coming with multiple separate heat sensors you can place around your house. Best of all, some models of smart thermostats learn your heating preferences over time and adjust automatically. 

    1. Robotic Vacuums

Smart home devices are available for just about any purpose you can imagine. One huge example is robotic vacuums. Roombas and their ilk feel like the future come to life. These nifty machines, with the help of strong suction power, camera-based navigation and touch-based sensors, vacuum your home all on their own. Some can even sweep, empty their own dustbins and start and stop at the sound of your voice. These smart home gadgets also learn your home layout over time, allowing them to react intelligently to objects and messes. They eliminate one of the most annoying chores there is. Clearly, robotic vacuums are one of the best smart home buys out there. 

  1. Smart Lighting

Home automation can bring amazing things into your life. Smart lighting devices are no exception. The difference between a smart lightbulb and a normal lightbulb is the possibilities it offers. Smart lightbulbs can be set to any one of up to 16 million colours. They can be commanded to dim or brighten to any setting via apps or voice commands to the smart speakers in your home. They can even be scheduled to switch on or turn off at specific times. With these, you’ll never forget to switch a light off again. They’re a simple, handy way to reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills. 

It’s clear that these smart home devices are useful no matter what your life circumstances are. They’ll enable you to make better choices for yourself faster. Give yourself the gift of smart home technology today, and make your life more efficient and more fun. 


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