The Secrets To Keeping Mold Out Of Your House

The Secrets To Keeping Mold Out Of Your House

We all want to keep our homes looking clean, but mold may be the enemy that you’re not seeing yet. Mold doesn’t appear all at once, which can make it even harder to find. It creeps up on you, and usually starts from the darkest, most hidden corners of your house. If you want to keep this dangerous fungus away from your home, we’ve listed some tips here to help protect your house from mold!

Start With Protective Gear 

Before you get going on mold removal and restoration, you’ll need to take a number of precautions. First, you’ll need to limit your exposure to the mold, particularly in the air. Wear a mask or an N-95 respirator to filter the mold from your air supply. To stop mold spores getting into your eyes, you’ll need to wear goggles with no holes in them. You’ll also need to protect your hands. The best way to do this is to wear gloves that go all the way up your forearm. That way, you’ll be able to use them completely without fear of any mold getting on your skin. 

How To Protect Against Mold

Once you’ve got your safety equipment assembled , it’s time to get going on mold removal and restoration. To get mold off hard surfaces like windowsills and tiles, scrub it off with detergent and water, then dry completely with a rag. On more porous surfaces like drywall, you should stick to just a rag. Surfaces like this are easily damaged by more abrasive cleaners, and if the mold has gotten too far into them, you may have to replace it altogether.

 Mold cleaners that are specifically formulated to kill mold can speed up this process, especially when emergency mold removal is needed. On wood, though, other techniques are needed. Try dish soap or diluted cleaning-strength vinegar on mold that’s grown on wood before trying the cleaners made specifically for mold. Then sand the wood after cleaning it. These techniques will help prevent damage to such a delicate surface. 

What About Mold Outside? 

It’s important to be able to remove mold outside as well as inside. The steps are similar, but contain a few key differences. Like cleaning mold indoors, you’ll need to wear long gloves and goggles to protect yourself. Mix up a one-to-ten solution of bleach and water. Then, liberally spray this solution on the affected surface. For tough stains, a stiff bristle brush works wonders. Then let your solution sit for ten to twenty minutes before spraying it away with a garden hose. On wooden surfaces like decks, you’ll need to let it sit for much longer – four to five hours is ideal. On outdoor fabric, it’s enough to spray the surface with your solution and then leave it alone, as wind and rain will take the solution off for you. On large concrete surfaces like driveways, you may want to use larger instruments such as hoses to spread your solution faster and more efficiently. Mold removal and restoration is easy with these simple steps. 

Preventing Mold From Coming Back!

So now you’ve gotten rid of your mold without having to call in a mold removal company. But how do you stop mold from coming back? Mold tends to grow where there’s a lot of excess moisture. 

If there’s a persistent drip in your home or a damp corner, you need to eliminate this before doing anything else. You also need to improve ventilation in your home, ensuring that there isn’t a buildup of moisture in the air. Also, ensure that water drains away properly from your home’s foundation, so mold doesn’t come up through the floors. Clear your gutters and downspouts of leaves and other detritus. That way, you’ll make sure there isn’t a buildup of water and that there isn’t organic material left rotting in your gutters. Meanwhile, fix up any leaks, put exhaust fans into your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room if you have one. Dehumidifiers, if they’re put on regularly, will also remove excess moisture and prevent mold from forming.


Of course, when getting rid of dangerous substances or performing upkeep on your house, it’s always best to do your own research. Take your time, shop around and figure out what’s truly best for your home. You might need to hire a mold removal company rather than doing it yourself. But with these tips and tricks, you’ve got a great foundation to keep mold out of your home and to get rid of it if it ever shows up. Emergency mold removal will never be a problem again for you. 


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