These 5 UK Credit Cards Were Made For People With Bad Credit

These 5 UK Credit Cards Were Made For People With Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, it can be hard to apply for a new credit card or to benefit from all the financial perks that people with good credit have. But now, there are credit cards that can improve bad credit scores and help you pay for the things you need. Negative financial history may affect whether you will be able to take out a loan, get a mortgage, or apply for a lease, so being informed about the best credit cards for your situation is an important first step.

1. Barclaycard Forward Credit Card

Are you searching for your first credit card? Isn’t your credit history the best? Barclaycard Forward can be an excellent solution for you to build your credit score. If you can pay attention to handle your account well and make your payments on time, this card will be worth it. The bank promises rewards after a few years of holding the card with a – 3% reduction in your interest rates. What will you get? You can have a personalized credit limit between £50 and £1,200. You will be benefited by 0% interest on purchases for three months from the date you open your account.¹

2. Ocean Finance Credit Card

This card is perfect if your goal is to improve your credit card scores. You can get credit up to £1,500. You can pay for up to £30 worth of items quickly and securely. You can apply for this card if you meet their eligibility criteria: You are over 18, on the electoral roll and have some history of managing credit. They offer some appealing extras. You can manage your account online, which is crucially important if you don’t want to visit the bank in person. You will pay one simple interest rate for all transactions. You can attach three additional cardholders to your account.²

3. Marbles Credit Card

“The smart credit card that can help you stay on control.” If you are in trouble with keeping under control your spendings, this card can be the right solution for you. You will receive spending alerts so you will know if you are about to exagerate with your expenses. You can manage your credit limit from £250 up to £1,200. What about your costs? If you use £1,200 at once you buy something at a purchase interest rate of 29.75% (variable) your representative APR will be 29.7% APR (variable). The bank reviews the credit limit after 3 months and if everything is fine, you can get an increase on your 4th statement. You can track your transactions online and choose the payment date you want. You can check quickly if you are eligible and have an instant response before you apply.³

4. Aqua Classic Credit Card

Aqua Classic Credit Card provides a simple way to manage your money and not run the risk of carrying cash with you. If you get a credit limit of £250-£1,200 you will have chance to increase on your 4th statement. For £1,200 credit limit, your assumed interests for purchases will be 29.75% p.a (variable) and 29.7% APR (variable). If you apply for an Aqua card, you will have free unlimited access to your credit report and they will send you text reminders to help you not miss a payment. The bank makes promotional offers from time to time when you purchase something, cash transactions, balance transfers, money transfers, the so-called Buy Now Pay Later transactions, and Instalment Plans. They offer a 48 days interest-free period on standard purchases.⁴

5. Vanquis Classic Credit Card

This bank offers you a possibility to check immediately your eligibility to their credit card. You can find out only in a few minutes if you can apply for this card, with absolutely no risks. The minimum credit limit is £150 while you can exceed £1000 per month. Their representative APR (variable) is 39,9% if you borrow £1000. You can increase your credit limit after 5th statement and also there are further there are other increases available after each 5 month. You can borrow up to £4000.⁵

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